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welcome to the jungle January 16, 2011

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one of the highlights of living in columbus, is that about 1 1/2 hour away from me is the most wonderful grocery store imaginable. it goes by the name of jungle jims. it is located in fairfield, just north of cincinnati (if you are familiar with the “big butter jesus”, its not too far down from there)













jungle jim’s has about every damn thing you could possibly want in one store, it is that massive. it has your everyday things, and it also has a huge international section, separated by country and region. i go there about twice a year to stock up on things that i cannot find in columbus, or that i have no desire to pay shipping on if i purchase online.




i get crisps and barley water for my brother in law, quality street chocolates for my sister, tea and all sorts of tofu for me, and on this last trip, a massive pez dispenser with the texas ranger hat on for my husband.








the produce section is huge, and everything looks so wonderful. the prices don’t suck. you would think that a store that massive would be expensive, but it is not. this trip my friend got a 40# box of sweet potato’s for $15! this is just a small part of what they have.






it is a massive maze of food and creepy, yet fun anamatronic characters.











the natural food section is, like the rest of the store, huge and well stocked. i can get any type of vegetarian food that i can possibly imagine.










i am always sad when i leave, mostly because i have to pay. and i always have more in my cart than i ever mean to. i feel good though because i feel as though i have just walked a marathon when i am done.


i will be back. again and again.