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mango springs eternal February 13, 2011

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scout front, snickers back

it made it up to 45 degrees here today (gasp!). the 18 year old southern california me is shuddering at the fact that 33 year old me thinks its warm enough to wear capri yoga pants outside. husband and i took the dogs for a walk this afternoon, after a month and a half of doing nothing but sitting on their collective arses, they are a bit pooped. this makes me happy considering they are not whining to go out back every 5 minutes.

after our trek, i was very hungry, but not ready for an actual meal. considering how sweltering it was outside, a tropical mood struck. i needed to consume some protein, but nothing sounded good. while looking thru my fridge i found a mango, and greek yogurt which is lousy with protein, and quite tasty too. thus i give you my version of a mango lassi.


mango tango

  • 1 cup greek yogurt*
  • 1 mango
  • agave syrup to taste
  • a dash of water or orange juice

peel and dice your mango into about 1.5 inch pieces. throw mango, and yogurt in a blender and blitz. add juice as needed to help move things along. taste and add agave syrup to adjust taste as warranted.





*when choosing greek yogurt, choose a good quality one. look at the ingredients list, and the shorter the list the better. some of my faves are athenos and trader joes 2% greek yogurt. if you cannot find good yogurt, get plain american style yogurt and line a seive with coffee filters and drain all the whey (liquid) out until the yogurt is super thick. usually over nite does the trick.