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year of fearlessness December 20, 2010

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what is the year of fearlessness? well, it is my pledge to my husband and myself to treat 2011 as such.

i consider myself pretty shy. although my family and friends might disagree. i have always turned a deaf ear to my inner self that wants to go zip lining, the inner self that wants to fly to Hawaii and try surfing, the inner self that wants the lead in the musical, but will never audition, the inner self that wants to run.

i have a secret confession. i have always wanted to be a runner. (stop laughing)

i see people outside in my neighborhood running. i see my sister pick it up as a way to de stress and i see her run a 5k and a half marathon. i see myself attempt it, look ridiculous and stop 3 weeks later (and get accosted by a WAY over zealous gym rat asking me if i will need CPR. i got your CPR right here, jerk).

the major flaw in my running plan, i am overweight. i have asthma. i look like i am having an epileptic fit when i attempt it. see what i mean? thus the year of fearlessness. i am going to conquer the world…or at the very least columbus, oh. so here i am, about 2 weeks before the new year and I am planning with my husband on what we want to do. i am transforming my life one day at a time, and i am not looking back. but before i do…i need a drink

ps. i am not totally convinced fearlessness is a word, but since spell check did not pop up, i am going with it.


2 Responses to “year of fearlessness”

  1. TheAllNewMe Says:

    You are freakin hilarious! But you know what? I totally agree with everything you said. I also want to pick up running, but I’ve never been able to before, so I don’t know if I even can or not. How sad is that lol?

  2. eatrunlose Says:

    HA! We will get there. I know I am able to, it has been done in the past. So I just assume I will be able to in the future. 🙂

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